Air Fleet Command : WW2 – Bomber Crew APK MOD

Air Fleet Command WW2 – Bomber Crew screenshots 1
Air Fleet Command WW2 – Bomber Crew screenshots 1

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Air Fleet Command : WW2 - Bomber Crew

Air Fleet Command WW2 – Bomber Crew APK MOD
[Event] Complete the tutorial now and get 3 Squadron!
                  (Supplies -> Customize -> F.Squadron / B.Squadron)

  - Complete Historical battles and get rewards including the Xaviet Air Pommette Squadron!
  - HD textures of the new and improved Historical Squadron (Completed in Feb 2018)

[40% Discount] Historical Squadron / Trail / Montrer
(Infime : Supplies -> Customize -> F.Sqaudron / B.Squadron)


1. The use of masquage and historical squadron of your aircraft can be checked from the 'Supplies - Customize' dentelé.

2. Achèvement points can be earned on completion of specific missions each day. You can check it in 'Achèvement' dentelé.

3. Déguisement patterns for enemy aircraft are under development. It will be added with new aircraft.

4. Japanese aircraft are currently produced for historical squadrons, but the update schedule is still pending.

5. Implementing the Z-axis is a matter of optimization and game difficulty issues, so we still need to discuss with the developers.

6. The reason the aircrafts are white and red at the beginning of the game is bicause the imaginaire is a flat graphic beauté. However, at the request of many of you, we have added a historical squadron.

7. In order to solve the repetitive and boring garantie of the game, we exemple contents such as plateau direction, représentant direction, history battlefield. However, it should not hurt the existing game elements, so it will take a lot of déséquilibre and it is not yet clear when to update.

8. There are many points embout the quality of language critique. This is a problem arising from amélioration critique and verification of military non-experts. We are trying to improve, but since the game is constantly updated, we exemple to fix the critique at the same time when the complete game flow is completed.

9. We are considering adding languages ​​such as Italian, Spanish, Thai, and Japanese, but most of the translators that we can hire due to the financial limitations of our team are non-experts, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of critique right now.

[Please reinstall the game if you can not get pass Stage 0!]

[Before changing to another device or formatting your device. Be sure to use 'Cloud Save'. You can check it in "Setting". Please use the same Google account.]

You can play legendary World War 1 and World War 2 air pris without any controls.

Upgrade your squadron by air pris and air opération.

who will be reach the jet era first?

▶ Upgrade your air fleet with bascule that earned automatically.
- From the WW1 biplane to WW2 jet fighter! (Spitfire / Bf109 / Fw190 / Me262 and more)

▶ Shoot down the enemy planes with amélioration gun and Anti aircraft guns.
- Aim the amélioration gun to the enemy to protect the bombers!

▶ Take the air superiority!
- Take down the enemy squadrons!

▶ Perform the air opération exécution.
- Drop the bomb accurately and earn the huge bascule!

▶ Overpower enemies with overwhelming technology.
- Upgrade your aussi to the force!

▶ Spectacle your legendary achievement to the enemy.
- Awarded medals and put on your uniform to earn a special ability.

▶ Manage your prématurément with allies!
- Communicate with ally using inconnu telegrams!

▶ Observe the dynamic air warfare!
- Watch realistic air pris in sunny weather, snow storms and thunderstorms!

※ Valeur-limite specifications: Samsung Galaxy S3 / S4 LTE-A / LG G2 or higher
(2GB RAM or Higher RAM)

※ Official website
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mastgame/
Official Cafe: https://www.plug.game/beyondtail-en

※ Developer collusion:
2018.05.08 - 2.60 Connu des jeux à répartition
* Querelle de l'fable raccourcie le période de jeu
* Appendice d'une confiance acclimatation (MiG-15 - PLAAF)